Dominical, Costa Rica. January, 2014.

Dominical, Costa Rica. January, 2014.

Another year is upon us. May it be happy and healthy.

That sounds like a greeting card, but it’s true.

When I heard Thich Nhat Hanh , a Vietnamese Zen Buddhist monk, say the quote (in the photo) a few months ago, it rang true. Being in the moment is a theme I come back to often in my life. I use it to soldier through tasks I wish weren’t mine. I use it to practice gratitude for the extraordinary moments that are my life.

Monday we went from 30°C to -12°C with one five-hour plane ride. Curiously, it’s more shocking to read than it is to actually live through. My sensitive skin reacted to the extreme change, but besides that, no one in the house complained either way. The early wake-up for school was much more difficult to accept – for everyone – and it wasn’t left unsaid.

We spent the first week of the new year swimming in Costa Rican beaches with some of my family. The week before that, we spent time in Panama sharing typical meals, and exchanging gifts and special moments with another part of my family. It was awesome. It was more than awesome but I don’t know the word for that.

There are photos. Many, many photos. There are matching-pajama photos, beautiful-landscape photos, enormous-insect photos, gorgeous-beach photos, cousins-playing/talking/eating/swimming photos and more. I plan to share those photos here. But first, I wanted to wish everyone a happy year.