Things I love :
Funny Valentine Greetings

(Love this Julia Rothman for Kate Spade illustration.) 

There is no concrete reason for the following statement : We don’t do anything special for Valentine’s Day at our house. No cards, no special meals, no craft projects. Nada. Why? Honestly? I’m not sure. But I still enjoy seeing all the nice things people make, write and share online to celebrate love in their lives. And most of the ideas can be used anytime of year.

This year the Kate Spade and NPR Valentine e-card campaigns are my favorite finds. A fast, paperless and free way to spread the love.


If I were going to send my loved ones a card. It would be the following one. It sums up my sentiments exactly. And that’s saying a lot :


Isn’t that clever? And true? I loved learning up about Paperwheel  and the person behind it here.

Gros Bisous to you.